Huron Nation

Indian Guides and Princesses


About the Huron Nation !

The Indian Guides program provides children and their fathers with opportunities to become real friends by sharing enjoyable experiences, observing and learning about one another, and developing mutual respect.

We believe that by investing a little time with your child now, you may build a relationship that will last a lifetime

Program Organization
Indian Guide “Tribes” consist of 8-10 groups of parents and children living in the same area, creating lasting friendships and building your community. Monthly meetings and other fun “nation” events emphasize the important role that parents play in the growth and development of their children

Huron Nation is a Dads & Daughters program operating out of the Algonquin Longhouse
The Nation is made up of five dad and daughter tribes:
Cherokee, Chippewa, Fox, and Sun.


Some of the most popular Huron Nation events are:
☺ Weekend Campouts with Nation Campfire Ceremony, tribal campfires, & storytelling
☺ Bowling
☺ Indoor Mini golf
☺ Pinewood Derby
☺ Archery
☺ Swimming
☺ Laser Tag
☺ Museum Sleepovers
☺ Marching in Local Parades
☺ Community Service Events
☺ And Much Much More !