Huron Nation

Indian Guides and Princesses


The Order-of-Eagles is a fun awards program that provides additional opportunities for parent and child to share experiences in working, learning and earning together. Always remember that everything else that follows is secondary. Part of the fun is that both the parent and child must participate or complete the activities individually so that they can earn the awards together.

There Are 9 Primary Awards:

  • Starter
  • Songs
  • Campout
  • Program
  • Goals
  • Names
  • Craft
  • Recruitment
  • Nature
  • Trip
  • Meetings

  • There are 3 Advanced Awards:
  • Community Service
  • Nature Report
  • Outdoor Skills
  • Overview

    The Primary Awards are “tested” at Tribal meetings and the Advanced Awards are “tested” at Nation Campouts. The 9 Primary activities must be completed before attempting Advanced activities. The award activities are designed to provide an appropriate level of achievement for the children, while still not being too challenging to complete. The Primary Awards are designed so that even the youngest kids can get involved and join in the fun of Achievement and Recognition with their parents early in the Y-Adventure Guides program.

    The award activities are designed to foster and promote the following: Self confidence; Personalizes the meaning of the Adventure Guides’ aims; Builds a sense of community with the Tribe; Teaches kids how to use their hands to make things; Enhances an appreciation of the things that the Great Spirit has surrounded us with in forest, field and stream; Encourages all to realize the human benefit of service to others. Most of the awards provide options for completion, to provide the parent and kid Teams may have some flexibility, choice and diversity in how they participate in the Order Order-of of-Eagles Eagles..